Prevention is everyone’s duty, it starts with yourself!

In the building people from various institutions and companies coincide, with different affiliations in each one of them, as well as trainees, employees, interns, students, collaborators and visitors.

The Subcommittee for preventive work in scientific activities was created in order to help the institutions to develop coordinated activities for the prevention of occupational hazards.


Members of the Inter-institutional Commission on Prevention of Occupational Risks at the PRBB (CIPRL-PRBB):

Sonia Alcázar García, Responsible for occupational hazards prevention, CRG - ext. 1096 /

Sergio Jarque Salas, Technical office for occupational hazards prevention, UPF - 93 542 29 48 /

Lourdes Luque Ramírez, Human resources. – Prevention contact person, PRBB - ext. 1023 /

Sandra Vial Mora, Huamn resources - Occupational hazards prevention. IMIM - ext. 1609 /

Samuel Espinal - HR Manager, IsGlobal - ext. 7351/ 


Manuals and protocols of interest

Biomedical research preventive information manual, 2010

Basic rules for the transfer of biological samples, 2016


Communication campaigns 

2011/2012 - L'auca del Previ

2016: Transfer of biological sample

2018/2019: L'auca del Previ II