Emergency instructions

What should you do when you detect a hazardous or emergency situation?

  1.  Protect yourself to avoid becoming a casualty.
  2.  Inform the Emergency Control Center: Tel.: 93 316 00 20 (Ext. 1020)  or proceed to the reception, providing the following information:

-          Your personal details (ID).
-          Type and location of the hazardous situation.
-          The presence of any casualties, when applicable.

  1. If you cannot contact the Emergency Control Center, press the alarm button nearest the emergency.
  2. Inform those nearby about the emergency situation.
  3. Help any casualties until the arrival of the Emergency Teams.
  4. Follow the instructions of the Emergency Teams.


 When should you evacuate?

1. Upon hearing the evacuation signal and the following message broadcast over the loud speakers:

ATENCIÓ, ATENCIÓ: Aquestés un missatge d’evacuació. Dirigiu-vos ordenadament cap a la via d’evacuació més propera per adreçar-vos al punt de reunió.

ATTENTION PLEASE: This is an evacuation alarm. Please walk orderly to the closest evacuation route and go to your meeting point.

ATENCIÓN, ATENCIÓN: Este es un mensaje de evacuación. Dirigíos ordenadamente hacia la salida de emergencia más cercana para acceder al punto de reunión.

2.    When instructed to do so by the members of the Emergency Team.


Meeting points in case of an evacuation:


CPRBB services

 Passeig Marítim of the Barceloneta (Promenade). At the level of the CSIC  gate, next to the pedestrian crossing. This MEETING POINT is for the staff of  the PRBB, C PRBB and staff of the cafeteria.


 In front of the access to the Lounge Club CDLC restaurant.  


 In front to Agua restaurant’s access


  In front to Agua restaurant’s access


 Ramp protection fence (ice-cream sales and Bicing parking area)


 In front of the Barceloneta Information Desk sign.


 Opposite the old access point to Hospital del Mar A&E.


 In front of main access to Hospital del Mar


 In front of El Vent restaurant’s access


For more information, please check the following information: 

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