Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Study by ISGlobal and CiSAL named best original epidemiology article of 2018

News from ISGlobal

The article “Evaluation of the Impact of Ambient Temperatures on Occupational Injuries in Spain,” published in Environmental Health Perspectives, has been named the Best Original Epidemiology Article of 2018 by the Spanish Society of Epidemiology. The award comes with a cash prize of €1,000.

The study was the result of collaboration between the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) and the Centre for Research in Occupational Health (CiSAL), a mixed research group affiliated with Pompeu Fabra University and the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute. The authors of the study include Xavier Basagaña, a researcher in the Air Pollution and Urban Environment Programme at ISGlobal; Jordi Sunyer, head of the Childhood and Environment Programme at ISGlobal; Èrica Martínez-Solanas, a researcher in the Climate and Health Programme at ISGlobal; María López-Ruiz, a researcher at CiSAL; and Fernando G. Benavides, a senior researcher at CiSAL.

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