Satisfaction survey

In November 2009 an anonymous survey of satisfaction was directed towards all residents at PRBB to know their opinion about their working space. The survey was answered by a total of 712 people and results ranged mainly between “fair” (grade 3 of grades 1-5) and “good” (grade 4). Many residents used the opportunity to leave comments and proposals.


In general, the residents appreciate the comfort of their working space at the park. 16% say it is “excellent” and 47% evaluate it as “good”. They also approve the lighting and cleanliness with 3.47 and 3.37 points out of 5 respectively. With the temperature, the opinions divide and drift towards the negative. Whereas almost 20% say that the temperature is “good” or “excellent”, more than half of the people evaluate this aspect as “poor” or “very poor”. Measures have been initiated to improve this situation.


More than 80% of the residents eat usually at work, half of them bringing their own food. The most controversial topic of the survey has been precisely the PRBB restaurant, which is managed by an external company, and where 50% of the residents eat at least four to five days a week. The cleanliness of the restaurant has been evaluated between “good” and “fair”. Comfort and the price-quality relationship have been given grades between “fair” and “poor”. This topic has also been the most commented (17% of all comments). The external company has been asked by the PRBB to present a plan for improvement.


Cleaning services, security, maintenance and the telephone system received “good” grades, pointing to “excellent”. Only the Wi-Fi gets a somewhat lower grade (3.36). Next to the terraces, the favorite place to be for more than 80% of the residents, one of the best evaluations were given to the attention at the central reception of the park. 30% find the service “excellent” and 45% “good”. On the other hand the access system by card is considered “poor” or “very poor” by 8%. Very good grades were also given to the offer of scientific conferences (4) and the internal program for continuous education for residents, “PRBB Intervals” (3.9).


Being an urban science park, it does not surprise that 48% of the residents use public transportation to come to PRBB. Others walk (9%), come by motorbike (9%) or take the car (15%). Almost 20% of the residents cycle to work (bicing 7.3% and own bike 11.7%). For 4% of the residents it was a good reason to write a comment claiming a secure bicycle parking. Another interesting aspect of the community at PRBB is that 20% of the residents use English as their main language. The most spoken languages are Catalan (50%) and Spanish (30%).