Ethical Committees

Ethical Committee of Animal Experimentation of PRBB (CEEA-PRBB)

The main objective of the CEEA-PRBB is the evaluation of experimental procedures, taking into account the suitability of the procedure in relation to the aims of the study, the possibility to attain valid conclusions with the smaller possible number of animals, that the level of effect on the animals is not disproportionate with the potential benefits of the research, and, in summary, to avoid unnecessary suffering, considering also the possibility of using alternative methods to the use of animals.

Following the recommendations of the AAALAC International (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care), we would like to remind you about the existence of an “Animal Welfare Letterbox”, located next to the lifts on the lower ground floor (level-1) in the PRBB building. The objective of this letterbox is to collect, anonymously if necessary, incidents, suggestions, reports, proposals, etc. addressed to the CEEA - PRBB about any aspect related to the animal welfare of the PRBB Animal Facility. 

The Ethical Committee of Animal Experimentation of the PRBB (CEEA-PRBB) was constituted on February 20, 2007, according to the current regulations in Catalonia for the use of animals for experimental and other scientific purposes is regulated.

Regulations and functions of the CEEA-PRBB (PDF)


Montserrat Torà Tel. -1777; 

Ester Sahagun Tel.- 1028;

Documents and procedures for the researcher in Spanish or Catalan:

Following the regulations of the Catalan Government, the new documents to be presented to the CEEA-PRBB for animal testing procedures are the following:

Once evaluated, the CEEA-PRBB will issue a certificate of approval for the project. The rest of the process, with the Generalitat to obtain the approval for the projects, modifications or extensions, is to be done by the user.

For more information, please go to the website in Catalan and Spanish of the Canal Empresa of the Catalan Government (only compatible with Internet Explorer browser):

It will be mandatory for the researcher to present the certificate of approval from the Generalitat at the Animal Facility before starting any project with animals.

Legal documents:



Clinical Research Ethical Committees (CEICs)

The CEICs are independent Committees made up of researchers and research promoters (such as pharmaceutical companies and other institutions). The Committees' aim is to ensure that any methodological, ethical or legal aspect of a research project that may imply any physical or psychological risk to human subjects is corrected (RD number 223/2004 dated February 6, 2004, RD number 561/1993 dated April 16, 1993 and Ordinance dated October 26, 1992).


The Clinical Research Ethical Committee of the Municipal Institute of Health Care (CEIC-IMAS) was created and accredited on November 11, 1993 by the General Management of Health Resources of the Government of Catalonia, in accordance with an "Ordinance dated October 26, 1992".


Person in charge: Maria Teresa Navarra
Tel. -1679; Fax 93 316 06 36;
Office hours: from 9 am to 2 pm, Monday to Friday.