Comitè d’usuaris de l’estabulari

PRBB animal facility users' committee (AUC-PRBB)

The Biomedical Research Park of Barcelona's Animal Facility Users Committee (CUA-PRBB) was established on March 20th 2010 as an advisory committee, external to the animal facility, reporting directly to the PRBB's Management. Its main objective is to provide a forum where relevant issues affecting the animal facility can be shared and discussed.

AUC-PRBB's functions are:

• Being informed and knowing the animal facility's annual activity report.
• Putting forward the problems identified in the general functioning of the animal facility. Discussing and proposing solutions.
• Discussing and proposing improvements in processes and procedures within the animal facility's functioning.
• Proposing solutions or specific procedures for any extraordinary actions within the animal facility which may involve some alteration in its usual order, such as construction work, repairs, electrical shutdown and other supply cuts, inspections, extraordinary maintenance works, etc..
• Proposing improvements in the facilities or in equipment acquisition or replacement and deciding prioritization, which shall be communicated to the PRBB's management/administration for evaluation and, if necessary, forwarding these issues to the relevant body for approval.
• Participating, as required, in the preparation of grant applications for the provision of equipment or resources for the animal facilities.
• Participating in the development of satisfaction surveys.
• Collaborating in the assessment and evaluation of these surveys.

Composition / Members
Montserrat Torà (IMIM - President); phone -1777
N.N. - PRBB 
Antonio Serrano - UPF 
José Yelamos López – IMIM 
Mara Dierssen– CRG 

Ester Sahagun  (PRBB): Phone 93 316 00 28 – Ext. 1028