Friday, January 12, 2018

Nou taller de la Coral del PRBB / New choir workshop: Musicals

Puja a l'escenari amb nosaltres!

No som actors ni actrius, però ens encanta cantar i divertir-nos. Amb aquesta actitud, el Cor del PRBB prepararà un concert d'homenatge a Broadway, West End i Paral·lel Musicals, per al proper mes de juny.

Voleu pujar a l'escenari amb nosaltres i cantar peces de musicals com Comedy Tonight (Stephen Sondheim), A Gershwin Portrait (George Gershwin), Mar i Cel (Albert Guinovart), Carousel (Rodgers & Hammerstein), Hello Dolly (Jerry Herman), Chicago (John Kander), West Side Story (Leonard Berstein) o Les Misérables (Andrew Lloyd Webber)?

Us recordem que no calen coneixements musicals per cantar al Cor del PRBB. 

T'esperem els dijous de 18.00h a 20.00h als seminaris de la plaça!

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The PRBB Choir sings Musicals

Come on stage with us!

We are not actors nor actresses but we love singing, playing and having fun. With this attitude, the PRBB Choir will prepare a tribute concert to Broadway, West End and Paral·lel Musicals, for next June.

Would you like to come on stage with us and sing songs from Comedy Tonight (Stephen Sondheim), A Gershwin Portrait (George Gershwin), Mar i Cel (Albert Guinovart), Carousel (Rodgers & Hammerstein), Hello Dolly (Jerry Herman), Chicago (John Kander), West Side Story (Leonard Berstein) or Les Misérables (Andrew Lloyd Webber)?

We must emphasize that no music knowledge is needed to sing at the PRBB Choir. 

See you on Thursdays from 6 am to 8 am at the seminar rooms at the inner square.

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