Wednesday, July 4, 2018

ISGlobal: New alert system to improve health care for immigrant population

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Health professionals’ lack of familiarity with the medical conditions that may affect migrants before they reach our shores can be an obstacle to the detection of certain diseases and conditions in these populations. To improve access to more targeted and quality care in primary health care settings, researchers from ISGlobal and the University Institute for Primary Care Research Jordi Gol (IDIAPJGol), in collaboration with professionals from the Clínic Foundation (FCRB), have developed a computerised tool to help health professionals make decisions about screening immigrants in Catalonia. The tool, which was developed with the support of a PERIS research grant, is currently being piloted in four primary health care centres in Catalonia to determine whether it improves patient care by making doctors more aware of the need to take global health issues into account in the care of these patients.

“We are concerned that some migrants are not receiving appropriate care and screening when they come to primary care facilities,” commented Ethel Sequeira, the project’s principal investigator. “The purpose of this tool is to provide health professionals with the best possible information in a timely manner, to maximise the impact of care for the migrants and for the host society.”

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