Thursday, January 11, 2018

ISGlobal: Coordination and Collaboration Between Institutions Crucial to the Delivery of the SDG

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ISGlobal’s Policy Department has just published a new report entitled “Health SDGs and Europe: The Role of Regional Think Tanks”. The report, which was originally published in the journal Global Health Governance, analyses the work of health policy research institutions and suggests ways they could contribute to furthering the new agenda. Think tanks already played an important role in the design of the goals, supporting the concept and providing technical assistance throughout the process of developing the agenda. Now they are being asked to extend that commitment to monitoring and evaluating progress towards SDG targets. These institutions are also supporting the governments and parliaments who are drafting national SDG plans and will be involved in the monitoring and evaluation of results. That challenge will be particularly important in Spain in the coming months, leading up to the presentation of our national SDG plan in New York in July 2018.

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