PRBB CRG Conferences

The "PRBB CRG Conferences" are a series of seminars by internationally recognized scientists in their field who have been invited by researchers at the PRBB centres. These conferences take place on Mondays and Fridays from 12am in the Marie Curie room and are funded equally by the CRG and the PRBB. The PRBB CRG conferences are announced and communicated through yellow posters on billboards found on each floor of the building and through the websites of the various institutions of the park. During 2019 a total of 50 such conferences were held.

Any researcher at the park can make proposals to invite speakers, but they must be channeled through representatives of each center in the working group, which is coordinated by Reimund Fickert. The list of representatives is as follows:

Esther Barreiro, IMIM
Oriol Gallego, UPF
Juan Valcárcel, CRG
Xavier Basagaña, ISGlobal
James Sharpe, EMBL Barcelona

Below you can download a PDF with a list of the reserved dates for future PRBB CRG conferences, which is updated by Rosa Cervelló ( can also consult the available dates on the PRBB Inside Agenda.