At PRBB you can easily access internet through a wireless connection in all the spaces of the building. If you want to connect a mobile device, its operating system will automatically recognize the PRBB network.

The personnel at the reception will provide you with the the password.

If the network is not recognized by your device (phones with WIFI, PDAs, Linux, etc.), please configure your system accordingly:

Verfication: WPA-PSK

Encryption: TKIP

Please inform your guests, visitors, speakers and participants in meetings and conferences at PRBB about this service.

For further information please contact the informatics department at PRBB by phone (ext. 1021) or mail tic@prbb.org

The PRBB also participating in the Eduroam project which aims to allow network access for our visitors from academia and research, as well as members of the Consortium PRBB when visiting other institutions.

More information: Eduroam at PRBB