Sustainable PRBB

At the PRBB we understand the importance of achieving a more sustainable world. That’s why we want to contribute our bit to strengthen individual attitudes with specific actions for energy saving and the correct segregation of waste in the building.

According to experts, the effort to achieve sustainability is only effective if adopted by society and in our case, by all the residents at the park. With the help of communication campaigns or the edition of the Guide to Waste Management (PDF), the PRBB wants to ensure that everyone receives the relevant information, knows the procedures and uses the tools available to achieve the overall objective.

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Messages of the campaign “Sustainable PRBB”:

Saving Energy

Climate: 1ºC down in winter or up in summer equals a 7% savings. Remember to turn it off when more than 15 minutes away and when you leave.

IT devices: automatically turn off devices when you close the computer and program the dark energy saving screen after 5 minutes of not using the computer.

Light: if you have an office for yourself, turn off the lights when you leave. When you leave, make sure there is still somebody and if not turn off all lights.

Laboratory equipment: Do not leave equipment on standby when they should be off. When you do not use an equipment, turn it off (ex. Clean and laminar flow cabins).

Lifts: If you need to get up 1 or 2 plants do not use the elevators. Whenever possible use the stairs. When waiting for the elevator just press one button and avoid that one of the other lifts is working empty.

Water: Do not leave the tap open when brushing teeth or hands. The buttons of the toilets allow you to use exactly the water you need. If you find a leak, no matter how small, please inform the head of General Services of your centre.



Recycling and separation of waste

Did you know that...

In 2010 we recycled more than 8 tons of plastic

In 2010 we recycled more than 5 tons of glass

In 2010 we recycled more than 4 tons of paper

In 2010 we recycled more than 1.5 tons of cans

You can now find organic waste containers at the restaurant and at the terraces, too.

Many PRBB residents use their own cup when they buy a hot drink at the cafeteria. Great idea, don’t you think?

If you separate correctly, you facilitate the final treatment of the waste, therefore saving energy and resources.



The yogurt container goes to the plastic bin, but its lid goes to normal waste.

Dirty paper cups from the cafeteria must go to normal waste – they can´t be recycled.

Dirty plastic cups go to the yellow container for their recycling.

Dirty paper towels must go to the normal waste bin.