viernes 7 de junio de 2019

Kickoff of HARMONIC, a European project to investigate potential health effects of exposure to medical radiation in children

News from ISGlobal

The European-funded HARMONIC project kicked off on June 5th with a meeting at the Palau Macaya in Barcelona. During two days, more than 46 experts from 24 partner institutions in 13 European countries came together to launch the activities which will be implemented in the coming 5 years by the six work packages of the project.  The project is led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal).

HARMONIC aims at better understanding the long-term health effects of medical exposure to ionising radiationin children, specifically those undergoing modern radiotherapy (including proton therapy) for cancer or X-ray guided imaging for cardiac interventions.  By building European cohorts and registries for the long-term follow up of paediatric patients, the project will provide the medical and scientific communities with tools to investigate the late health effects of early life exposure to a wide range of doses from photons, protons and secondary neutrons radiation.

Ultimately, the project’s goal is to establish recommendations and guidelines to optimise treatments and further reduce patient doses. 

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