lunes 2 de julio de 2018

IMIM: Immunotherapy for treating the most aggressive breast cancer

News from IMIM

Celià-Terrassa’s team, the Cancer Stem Cell Properties and Metastasis Laboratory, have got $200,000 thanks to the grant the Cancer Research Institute, a non-profit organisation based in New York, USA, which finances cancer immunotherapy research worldwide, has just awarded the project "LCOR orchestrates the differential IFN-a response and immunological properties of triple-negative breast cancer cells". It is the first time that a Catalan Research centre has received a grant from this institute. "Getting funding from the Cancer Research Institute is a privilege and will be a great boost in our research on triple-negative breast cancer for which we have few therapeutic targets. The hope of this project is to find new strategies to strengthen immunotherapy responses in this type of cancer and avoid relapse", states Celià-Terrassa

Cancer immunotherapy treatment is already being used for certain types of tumours, including lung cancer and melanoma. As Celià-Terrassa explains, using antibodies that block the control points in the immune system, the success rates vary between 20 and 30%. But these numbers have not been achieved in breast cancer and immunotherapy is not yet a viable alternative to conventional chemotherapy. "We want to look further into why there is not a high response rate, if this is due to the heterogeneity of the tumour, and whether there are certain populations of cells within the tumour that are more resistant to immunotherapy than others", he points out. - Carlos Sierra / PRBB

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