viernes 12 d'abril de 2019

Four researchers get a Junior Leader “la Caixa” fellowship to develop their research at IBE

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Of the 22 Incoming and the 11 Retaining fellowships awarded in the 2019 edition of the programme, 4 will fund IBE research. The Junior Leader “la Caixa” postdoctoral fellowships programme is aimed at hiring excellent researchers who wish to continue their research career in Spanish or Portuguese territory.

Martin Kuhlwilm of the Comparative Genomics Lab, Gerard Talavera of the Butterfly Diversity & Evolution Lab, Daniel J Richter of the Multicell Genome Lab and Íñigo Olalde - a current PostDoc at the Harvard Medical School and forthcoming member of the Paleogenomics Lab, have been awarded with the Junior Leader "la Caixa" fellowship in the 2019 Call. Kuhlwilm, Richter and Olalde will also be incorporated to the DCEXS-UPF department. 

Kuhlwilm and Talavera have obtained a Retaining Junior Leader fellowship and Richter and Olalde an Incoming one, all of them with a three-year grant. In addition to the economical amount, the Junior Leader programme includes an interdisciplinary training programme that focuses on aspects such as innovation and leadership.


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