dilluns 8 de maig de 2017

The survey of the 2017 International Talent Monitor is now open for international researchers at the PRBB

Please help make Barcelona a better place to work and live by answering this 20-minute survey before May 26!

Barcelona Global, along with the support of Banc Sabadell and DYM Market Research, has just launched the third edition of its International Talent Monitor, the survey devoted to better know and understand the needs and challenges of Barcelonians by choice; talented people who decide to work, live, invest, create, and startup in Barcelona.

Please help make Barcelona a better place to work and live by answering this 20-minute survey before May 26!


Barcelona Global is a private, non-profit organization, made up of professionals and companies whose mission is to make Barcelona one of the best cities in the world for talent and economic activity.

After analyzing the results of the past surveys, Barcelona Global has actively worked towards helping integrate international professionals into the Barcelonian society and business world by launching initiatives such as:

Talent Gate
Simplifying procedures and barriers when settling in Barcelona.

Benchmark Fiscal
Making Barcelona more attractive for international talent by improving its tax system.

Hola Barcelona! Cocktail
Welcoming international talent with a major cocktail and networking event with the collaboration of the Barcelona City Council.

Hola Barcelona! Dinners
Connecting Barcelonians by Choice with Barcelonians by Birth through the organization of dinners and various events.

Hola Barcelona! Pack
Providing easy access to culture, sport, leisure, institutions, transport and media in Barcelona for international talent based in Barcelona.

Partner Program
Facilitating the access to job opportunities for partners of top researchers willing to live and work in the city of Barcelona.

This survey can be forwarded to your international friends; data can be saved during the course of the survey by registering an email.

This survey is confidential and your data will not be shared with any third party.

Thank you!
Barcelona Global Team