divendres 17 de gener de 2020

The PRBB Choir starts a new workshop: join them!

News from the PRBB

After the Winter holidays, the PRBB Choir raised the curtain and turned the lights on again: a new singing workshop has started. Some thirty singers and Óscar Salvador, the choir conductor, decided to bring the sparkling colors, magic, and music from Broadway and the West End to Barcelona.

Next Summer, our singers will offer “The Greatest Show”, that is a selection of songs from some of the best musicals.

One of the characteristics of this choir, adds the musician, is that “singers are itinerant, they come and go often, and this makes it a little bit more difficult because when you finally have a trained choir that sounds good, singers stop coming because they finish their PhD or the work they were doing at the PRBB and they leave.” And that is why they are so delighted to receive new voices.

If you want to join them, you just precise some passion for singing and the willingness to have fun, and join the rehearsals every Thursday, from 6 pm to 8 pm, at the PRBB.

There are two singing workshops every year — the short one, from September to December, and the long one, from January to June — and both of them end the day of the concert at the PRBB Auditorium, together with the PRBB Orchestra: the Winter Concert and the Summer Concert.


You can request more information here.