divendres 14 de desembre de 2018

PRBB Intervals winter programme now open! / Cursos d'hivern ja oberts!

News from PRBB Intervals

The PRBB Intervals winter programme is now open!
Lots of training opportunities to become an even better professional. Have a look at the courses we are offering and register before it’s too late!
*Remember Intervals courses are free of charge and open to all the PRBB community.

Els cursos d’Intervals del proper hivern ja estan oberts!
Un munt d’oportunitats de desenvolupament professional. Dona una ullada a la nostra oferta de cursos i apunta-t’hi abans no sigui massa tard!

*Recorda que els cursos d’Intervals són gratuïts i oberts a tota la comunitat PRBB.


Say it so it stays: oral presentation skills for scientists - With Elinor Thompson
A great scientific presentation has the power to inspire, inform and innovate. Yet the majority are mundane, boring or unintelligible. In this intensive, interactive workshop you will learn how to make your presentations stand out from the crowd.
9th, 10th & 14th January. http://intervals.prbb.org/courses/course/5

Técnicas actorales para la comunicación científica – Con Fernando Gallego
Herramientas para sentirte más cómodo/a a la hora de hablar en público y captar mejor la atención de tu audiencia.
30 de Enero. http://intervals.prbb.org/courses/course/49

How to design a visually stunning scientific poster - With Jaume Fatjó
Learn design tips that will make your poster stand out among the others at your next conference.
5th March. http://intervals.prbb.org/courses/course/118  

10 keys to creating great visual aids for scientific presentations - With Jaume Fatjó
Catch the attention of your audience by learning how to make your presentations more visually attractive.
26th March  http://intervals.prbb.org/courses/course/117  

How to write a scientific article – With Susan Frekko
Become familiar with the process of writing scientific articles for publication and learn tools for improving the quality of your writing.
Course organised between Intervals and CÍCLIKS programme.
Edition 1: 25th Jan, 1st, 8th, 15th February / Edition 2: 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th March. http://intervals.prbb.org/courses/course/132

Becoming a scientific writer: putting the "Why" before the "How" – With Gavin Lucas
This inspiring course will change your perception of the writing process, helping you to become a more effective, autonomous, and more productive science communicator.
2nd April.  http://intervals.prbb.org/courses/course/99


Business opportunities in science and beyond – With Reimund Fickert
An overview of the life science sector opportunities and insights on entrepreneurship, intellectual property and financing of start-up companies.
27th February, 6th and 13th March. http://intervals.prbb.org/courses/course/123


Mindfulness – Introducción para científicos y personal de apoyo – Con Carles Ruiz
Introducción al mindfulness, una herramienta que te permitirá mejorar tu capacidad de concentración, controlar mejor el tiempo y el estrés, y a tener una mejor calidad de vida tanto personal como profesional.
12 y 19 de Febrero. http://intervals.prbb.org/courses/course/92

Cross-cultural working: understanding diversity for enhanced scientific performance – With Alicia Marín
Make your international collaborations more effective by understanding the cultural differences between the members of your team.
26th & 28th February. http://intervals.prbb.org/courses/course/85

Sharpen your reasoning skills: logic and critical thinking for scientists – With Malte Engel
Learn the basic concepts of logic and critical thinking that will help you to develop stronger arguments, clearer hypotheses and solid evidence to support your scientific publications and discussions.
20th & 21st March. http://intervals.prbb.org/courses/course/101