dimecres 29 de juliol de 2020

New genome mapper is like “upgrading from dial-up to fibre-optic”

News from CRG

Researchers from Harvard university, the Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico (CNAG) and the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), describe the first technology able to visualize hundreds to potentially thousands of genomes at the same time under the microscope. The tech images genomes more cheaply, more quickly and increases range of visibility compared to currently available methods. The technique is described in Nature Methods.

“Up to this moment, seeing a large number of different genes at the same time under the microscope was impossible,” says Marc A. Marti-Renom, co-lead author of the study and ICREA Professor at CNAG-CRG. “We combined existing sequencing technologies in a smart way so that we can see hundreds of genes by sequencing their targets under the microscope. Before OligoFISSEQ, reaching this number of genes at the same time was slow and expensive. It is like upgrading from a dial-up phoneline to fibre-optic internet and paying 40 times less for it.”

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