dijous 29 de novembre de 2018

Luis Serrano presents synthetic vaccines at the European Parliament

News from CRG

On 27 November, European scientists came together in a high-level and public meeting in Brussels, to present and discuss how innovation improves the everyday life.

The conference, which was open to everyone, brought together renowned researchers and politicians to reflect on past and present achievements of EU-funded research and innovation – and to debate the challenges still ahead.

The EU funded project MycoSynVac is one of 16 successful H2020 research projects selected out of 230 EU-funded projects and it was featured in the conference. The project leader is Luis Serrano, ICREA research professor and director of the CRG.

MycoSynVac uses cutting-edge synthetic biology methods to engineer an effective vaccine against different Mycoplasma infections in farm animals. The creation and success of this vaccine will serve to not only improve animal health, curb losses in European agriculture, and reduce the amount of antibiotics used in farm animals, but also will have long term effects on human health.


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