divendres 28 de setembre de 2018

Last places for Intervals courses on training, project management and team playing!

Learn skills to become a better professional!

Last places in the following Intervals courses – learn skills to become a better professional!

Train-the-Trainer: becoming a dynamic facilitator - Starting 9th October
Be that memorable teacher that everyone remembers! In this course you will learn techniques to become a more dynamic and successful trainer and facilitator.

"I enjoyed it a lot and I have discovered a lot of possibilities to improve my classes/trainings"
"Extremely lively, useful, relevant, entertaining and well organized"

More information and to register: http://intervals.prbb.org/courses/course/128

Project management for scientists – Starting the 25th October. New course!
In this course you will learn techniques that will help you improve how you plan and implement your research projects.
More information and to register: http://intervals.prbb.org/courses/course/133  

Effective team playing to achieve your goals – 14th & 15th November.
Build positive and creative relationships at work and learn practical tools that will help you address conflicts that may arise in your group or work team.

"Very enriching, interesting and eye-opening!"
"Excellent course that challenged me and help me to grow"

More information and to register: http://intervals.prbb.org/courses/course/84

Edition for early and mid-career staff.