divendres 25 d'octubre de 2019

ISGlobal receives award from climate reality project for its work to combat climate change

News from ISGlobal

The Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) has received a Climate Leaders Award from the Climate Reality Project, an anti-global-warming initiative founded in 2006 by former US Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore. The aim of the Climate Leaders Awards is to put the struggle against climate change at the forefront of the social and political agenda. The awards recognise Spain’s most effective advocates in the fight against global warming.

At the second edition of the Climate Leaders Awards in Spain, ISGlobal received the award for the most effective NGO in the struggle against climate change.

The awards ceremony took place in Madrid on 24 October, the International Day of Climate Action.

The Climate Reality Project has a network of more than 230 "Climate Reality Leaders" in Spain and more than 18,000 across the globe, all trained personally by Al Gore.


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