divendres 12 d'abril de 2019

Intervals Spring Courses: places available, register now!

News from PRBB

You still have the opportunity to develop your communication and leadership skills this spring. Have a look at the following Intervals courses with places available and register now!


Elevator pitch – the science of concise communication

Tools to deliver a short but memorable and convincing message.
With Reimund Fickert. 7th May. More information and to register here ISGlobal on waiting list.

Dance your science - Kinaesthetics for cognitive agility New course!

Expand your habitual ways of thinking, enhance your body language awareness and explore new ways of communicating your science. An excellent opportunity to foster your creative side!
With Leo Zunda. 10th & 14th May. More information and to register here

Explaining your research to ANYONE - inside or outside science

Learn techniques to explain complex aspects of your research to different types of audiences so they can understand better what you do, what it means and why it should be funded.
With Eric May. 21st May. More information and to register here. ISGlobal on waiting list.


How to write a scientific article

Become familiar with the process of writing scientific articles for publication and learn tools for improving the quality of your writing.
Course organised between Intervals and CÍCLIKS programme. Beginners/Intermediate. Only for PhD students.
With Susan Frekko. 19th, 26th June, 3rd and 10th July. More information and to register here ISGlobal on waiting list.

The science of the unexpected: improvisation for scientists

Learn the basics of improvisation that will help you to respond with clarity and vividness to unexpected speaking challenges in science.
With Harris Gordon. 27th June. More information and to register here


Leading for success in science

Improve your leadership skills: learn how to communicate, motivate and get the most of your team. New principal investigators (within 5 years of taking up PI position) are given priority.
Edition co-funded by the Intervals programme with BIST and CRG. Places will be shared between participants from the three funding centres.
With HFP Consulting. 9th – 11th July. More information and to register here.