dilluns 9 d'abril de 2018

IBE (CSIC-UPF): Publication of the first guide to the diurnal butterflies of Catalonia

News from IBE (CSIC-UPF)

Lynx publishing house has just released Guia de les papallones diürnes de Catalunya, a guide book to diurnal butterflies of Catalonia targeted at professional and amateur lepidopterologists, nature managers and lovers, and at anyone being interested in butterflies. Its authors are Roger Vila, principal investigator at IBE, Constantí Stefanescu and José Manuel Sesma.

The book includes 200 maps; 458 pictures; 76 prints that show the face and the reverse of males and females and the main shapes of all the species at actual size, with tips to identify them; the common names in Catalan, Spanish and English, and the scientific nomenclature based on the latest genetic findings.

More information:
IBE (CSIC-UPF) website