dilluns 8 de juliol de 2019

Foreign talent at the PRBB: Please help with the survey of the 2019 Barcelona International Talent Monitor

Answer now the 2019 survey

Barcelona Global, along with the support of Banc Sabadell, has just launched the 4th edition of its International Talent Monitor, the survey devoted to better know and understand the needs and challenges of Barcelonians by choice; talented people who decided to work, live, invest, create, and startup in Barcelona.


If you are an international talent at the PRBB, then please help to make Barcelona a better place to work and live
by answering this 15-minute survey before July 20th!

Answer the survey here

Barcelona Global is a private, non-profit organization, made ​​up of professionals and companies whose mission is to make Barcelona one of the best cities in the world for talent and economic activity.

The call to action following the 2017 results led to the following projects:

International School Project: Study to create an affordable international school in Barcelona.

Talent Gate: New website in English by the Barcelona City Council to simplify the procedures and barriers when settling in Barcelona.

Fiscal Benchmark: Making Barcelona more attractive to international talent by improving its tax system.

Challenge in Affordable Housing: Generating a concrete proposal for a metropolitan housing policy.

This survey is confidential and your data will not be shared with any third party.

Make it happen! @BarcelonaGlobal

Thank you for your collaboration