divendres 26 d'abril de 2019

EMBL: Celebrating HOLI, a blend of cultures

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In its nascent stage, the rapidly growing EMBL site in Barcelona consists of people from 13 different nationalities, speaking a multitude of languages. They often find themselves curious about each other’s cultures, so they thought – what could be better than celebrating festivals together in the most authentic way?! On April 6th, 2019, they came together to celebrate the Indian festival of Holi (marking the beginning of spring) in the beautiful town of Begues, situated in the Garraf massif, south-west of Barcelona.

People joined with their families and young kids with great enthusiasm. With a mix of traditional and bollywood music, Indian food and vibrant colors, they enjoyed themselves to the fullest! While this was a first Holi experience for most of them in the unit, in the coming years, they look forward to many such cultural events inspired by traditions across the globe!


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