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Cursos PRBB Intervals d'aquesta tardor

Cursos PRBB Intervals

Ja estan obertes les inscripcions pels cursos d’Intervals de la tardor. Més informació a sota:

Recorda que els cursos d’Intervals són gratuïts i oberts a tota la comunitat del PRBB.


Search inside yourself (SIY) - Edición en castellano

Mindfulness aplicado al ambiente de trabajo. SIY es un programa desarrollado en Google, que combina meditación, inteligencia emocional y neurociencia para ayudarte a sacar lo mejor de ti como líder.

Con José Antonio Aguilar. Comienza el 8 de Octubre.

Effective team playing to achieve your goals - from bummer to booster

Build positive and creative relationships at work and learn practical tools that will help you address conflicts that may arise in your group or work team.

With Tobias Rodrigues. 14th & 15th November. Please note this edition is for early and mid-career staff.

Difficult conversations: how to make them easier

Practice how to improve your communication and listening skills and to better handle emotions when giving difficult feedback.

With Louise Schubert. 22nd & 29th November.



Time management: how to get the best out of your day

Discover alternative approaches to the management of your time and energy to help you obtain greater efficiency and enjoyment of life.

With Louise Schubert.10th & 17th October.

Project management for scientists  New course!

In this course you will learn techniques that will help you improve how you plan and implement your research projects. 

With Joaquim Calbó, Sonja Reiland & Ruben Ventura. Starting 25th October.

Sharpen your reasoning skills: logic and critical thinking for scientists

Learn the concepts of logic and critical thinking that will help you develop stronger arguments, clearer hypotheses and solid evidence to support your scientific publications and discussions.

With Malte Engel. 1st & 2nd October.

Train-the-Trainer: becoming a dynamic facilitator

Be that memorable teacher that everyone remembers! In this course you will learn techniques to become a more dynamic and successful trainer and facilitator.

With Alicia Marín & Reimund Fickert. Starting 9th October.



Becoming a scientific writer: putting the “Why” before the “How”

This inspiring course will change your perception of the writing process, helping you to become a more effective, autonomous, and more productive science communicator.

With Gavin Lucas. 20th September.

The craft of clear scientific writing

Learn tools and strategies to improve the quality of your papers and to master the craft of good scientific writing.

With Susan Frekko/Carolyn Newey. 2 editions starting 9th Oct & 9th Nov.




Técnicas actorales para la comunicación científica

Aprende técnicas que te ayudarán a conectar mejor con tu audiencia y a sentirte mucho más cómodo/a a la hora de dar charlas y presentaciones en congresos.

Con Fernando Gallego. 26 de Septiembre.

Introduction to scientific data visualization

In this course you will learn how to create impactful and accurate graphs and charts to show your results more visually.

With Fernando Cucchietti and Guillermo Marin.19th & 20th November.



Interview and job application skills

Get ready for future job interviews! Learn how to prepare a good CV and cover letter and practice your interviewing skills with PIs from the PRBB.

With Roser Pinyol. 21st November & 12th December.

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