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CRG: “We have the obligation to give our scientists the tools to change the world", says BIST General Director

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On Wednesday, June 27th, BIST (Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology) held its Annual Conference, at Cosmo Caixa, where more than 300 researchers participated. The aim was to offer a space for the BIST research community to showcase and discuss the science carried out at the BIST centers (including the CRG) with an emphasis on transversal and multidisciplinary topics, as well as to get to know each other and spark new collaborations. 

Gabby Silberman, BIST Director General, explained the institute's main activities over the past year, including the Ignite Programme, which has funded 13 disruptive multidisciplinary research projects in the early stages, and the Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences, in collaboration with Pompeu Fabra University, with the first class having just graduated and double the number of spots for the 2018-2019 course. He also said that modernizing research facilities and providing training to boost the social impact of science are the top priorities of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology.

The BIST Conference programme included debates on the various alternatives to fossil fuels currently being studied in laboratories around the world; the latest developments in biosensors for diagnostics; or on tissue engineering and modelling. The latter was moderated by Dr Núria Montserrat (IBEC) with speakers Rui L. Reis (University of Minho), Bernhard Payer (CRG), James Sharpe (EMBL) and Manuel Serrano (ICREA research professor at IRB Barcelona), looking at the latest scientific advances in reproducing stem cells in vitro and how developments in genome editing and bioprinting are having an impact on the field of tissue engineering and making it possible to advance in personalised regenerative medicine.

You can follow the highlights of the event on Twitter with #BISTConference18

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