dijous 20 de desembre de 2018

CONCISE, debate at a European level on the role of science communication in society

News from UPF

The Science, Communication and Society Studies Center (SCS-UPF) of the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) takes part in the the European project CONCISE (Communication role on perception and beliefs of EU Citizens about Science). The project aims to contribute with qualitative data of citizen consultations on the channels through which European society is informed about science, and how this information influences their opinions, beliefs and perceptions. Four specific topics will be explored: vaccines, alternative and complementary uses of medicine, genetically modified organisms and climate change.

The reseachers Gema Revuelta and Carolina Llorente participated in the kick-off of the project in Valencia on December 13 and 14.

The SCS-UPF will be responsible for developing the theoretical framework, an evaluation of teaching in scientific communication in Europe, the guidelines for developing a public consultation for research purposes.

On March 22, the pilot of the first public consultation will take place in Barcelona.


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