divendres 8 de febrer de 2019

CitieS-Health Kicks Off: Citizen Science on Health in Urban Environments

News from ISGlobal

CitieS-Health, a project whose goal is to place the environmental concerns of citizens at the heart of the research agenda, officially kicked off in Barcelona on February 5 and 6. CitieS Health will seek solutions to issues posed by citizen participants in five pilot studies that will take place in Spain, Lithuania, Italy, Slovenia, and Netherlands. It will also create models for citizen science projects that can be used by anyone, scientist or not, to develop his or her own research based on citizen participation.

The city of Barcelona will host one of the five pilot studies of the project, coordinated by ISGlobal and Ideas for Change and focused on the interrelation between air pollution and health. “There are not many citizen science projects yet that link environment and health. Our goal is to make Cities-Health as participative as possible. We want to develop tools that help empower citizens on issues that directly affect them,” explains Xavier Basagaña, ISGlobal researcher and project coordinator.


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