We recommend that you register on the site, so you can use all its functions.

Registered residents can consult the directory, you can give your opinions in the forum and comment on news. Without registering you can use the portal, but the above functions are disabled.

The registration process is easy. Just type your name and the system will search the parks directory with residents from all the centres and sends a confirmation to your email account. This allows only residents to register in the portal.

Make It Your Own

The Home is customizable. You can move the boxes with content and organize them as you like. On your next visit you will find it as you left it. You can restore the original settings at any time by going to the Tools menu (yellow).



The portal is organized into 3 main areas:

Information (blue): Here you will find news and useful information about the park, for researchers and for residents in general.

Agenda (pink): On the agenda you can see all the activities at PRBB from the scientific sessions to recreational activities.

Community (Green): In this section you can access the forum, find out what was said last about PRBB in social networks or access most of the videos that are broadcasted in


Tips & Tricks

Only registered users have access to the resident search in the directory (click “Search” and then mark “Residents”), because of data protection issues. So, please register. It’s a very easy process clicking “Login” and then “Register”. The system looks up your name in the directory and once you’re identified you can complete the process.

You can set up RSS feeds for news, the different categories of events or for the newest posts in the forum. Please be aware that the browser Chrome does not support the RSS feature. You would need to set it up in Firefox or Internet explorer.

For the first time, PRBB offers you a complete agenda with many kinds of events (pink). If you want to promote an event that is of interest to the residents please write to

Please re-arrange the boxes of contents on the homepage of PRBB Inside (once logged in) according to you needs. The next time you login, you’ll find the portal how you left it.

The weekly PRBB Inside newsletter will contain links to the last 5 posts in the forum (green). If you want to communicate something to all the residents, this is your chance. Please post in the forum.

If you are preparing an event and need a seminar room at PRBB, please use the online “Room reservation” service.

Did you know that you have up to 25% off the menu prize at a restaurant just in front of the building? Please check “Offers” in the information section (blue).

Are you a user of the internal maintenance system Prisma? If not, just delete it from your “Direct links” (once logged in).

You can recover any changes you have done in PRBB Inside. Just go to “Tools” (once logged in) and click “initial configuration”.