Jump into the musical scene with the PRBB Choir

Do you suffer from a unavoidable karaoke addiction? Are you a repeat shower singer? Are you one of those who snap fingers when having some music in mind? Then you are a PRBB Choir candidate. No music knowledge is needed, just passion for singing and the willingness to have fun.

The rehearsals are every Thursday from 6 pm to 8 pm, at one of these rooms: Marie Curie, Charles Darwin or Ramón y Cajal. The current repertoire includes musical songs from Broadway, West End and Paral·lel. We will be glad to see you among us!

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When: May 10, 2018
Where: The PRBB Auditorium

In the beginning, there was poetry. And poetry was composed to be sung. Further on, troubadours sang their stories to citizens and often to ladies. By the end of XVI century, poetry, music and dance came together on stage as an artistic discipline so-called opera. Finally, in modern times it evolved and musicals starred in theatres and cinemas worldwide but especially in New York's Broadway, in London's West End and, more recently, in Barcelona's Paral·lel.

Fascinated by some of these musicals, the PRBB Choir has worked hard on a theatrical repertoire that includes a very emotional medley from West Side Story (Leonard Berstein), the main them from Cabaret (John Kander), the Pirates' Anthem (Himne dels pirates) from Mar i Cel (Albert Guinovart), and some other themes.

We will be glad to see you!

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Pateixes d'una irremediable addicció al karaoke? Reincideixes en cantar sota la dutxa? Ets d'aquella gent que fa petar els dits quan té una cançó en ment? Llavors ets candidat/a potencial de la Coral del PRBB. No calen coneixements musicals, tant sols passió per cantar i ganes de passar-ho bé!

Els assajos són cada dijous, de 18 a 20 hores, en una d'aquestes sales: Marie Curie, Charles Darwin o Ramón y Cajal. En aquests moments assagem temes de musicals de Broadway, el West End i el Paral·lel. T'hi esperem!

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Aleix Cabrera Curto | 4/16/18 11:59 AM

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