"Birding" at PRBB

Some people at CRG are interested in doing a kind of "PRBB Bird Year" (aka, looking at all bird species that can be observed/detected from our workplaces). We have already seen around 15 different birds!
If you want to share your observations, write to eva.yus@crg.eu

Eva Yus Najera | 5/2/17 10:39 AM

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Great iniciative! Eva, can you please send your results to comunicacio@prbb.org. Then we can publish it in Ellipse, for example. Thanks. Reimund

Reimund Fickert | 4/3/17 1:31 PM

Hi, I enjoy bird-watching and would love to see that "preliminary" list in case I can add a new bird. Where can I find it?

Francisco Javier Vila Rodriguez | 4/7/17 3:13 PM

Hi, I also like birdwatching. I am just beginner but I would like to participate.
Is there any list to add new birds?


Sonia Gandul Garcia | 5/2/17 10:39 AM