PRBB Choir's New Workshop: The Greatest Show

Back from the Winter holidays, it is time to raise the curtain again and turn the lights on! The PRBB Choir opens a new workshop to bring the sparkling colors, magic, and music from Broadway and the West End to Barcelona.

Next Summer, our singers will offer “The Greatest Show” with a selection of songs from some of the best musicals: Hair (Ren Woods), Mamma Mia (ABBA), Cats (Andrew Lloyd Webber), Les Misérables (Claude-Michel Schönberg), Grease (Jim Jacobs, Warren Casey, Michael Gibson) and The Greatest Showman (Joseph Trapanese, John Debney).

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If you are one of those who suffer from an unavoidable karaoke addiction, who sings repeatedly in the shower every morning or who cannot avoid snapping their fingers when there is music in the air, you will find the best relief with PRBB Choir.

We meet every Thursday, from 6 pm to 8 pm, usually at one of these rooms: Marie Curie, Charles Darwin or Ramón y Cajal.

A usual rehearsal begins with a fast warm-up and relaxation, some voice exercises, and continues with the practice of the song we will sing in the concert. No music knowledge is needed for joining us and following a rehearsal. You just precise some passion for singing and the willingness to have fun.

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The PRBB Choir history goes back to the year 2008, when it sounded for the very first time, already under the conduction of Òscar Salvador. Over the decade, “we realised we had to orientate the choir to people who never have had the opportunity to participate in an activity of this kind,” explains Salvador on this interview.

One of the characteristics of this choir, adds the musician, is that “singers are itinerant, they come and go often, and this makes it a little bit more difficult because when you finally have a trained choir that sounds good, singers stop coming because they finish their PhD or the work they were doing at the PRBB and they leave.” And that is why we are so delighted to receive new voices.

We organise two workshops every year —the short one, from September to December, and the long one, from January to June— and both of them end with a musical performance. In order to learn the repertoire and sing together being conducted by Òscar Salvador.

Every workshop ends the day of the Concert at the PRBB Auditorium, together with the PRBB Orchestra: the Winter Concert and the Summer Concert. This means that we offer our repertoire and, before or later, the orchestra also presents its work. Apart from this, we always sing a song altogether (orchestra and choir).

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Can I join the choir although I have never sung before?
Of course, you can. Bring the willingness to sing and have fun, and you will learn the melody and the rhythm with us.

What if I cannot come to all the rehearsals?
Do not worry. We will provide you with scores and audio files so that you can study wherever you are.

I do not know what tessitura should I sing?
Talk to our conductor, Òscar Salvador. He is the man and will tell you are a soprano, contralto, tenor or bass.

Can I join the choir if I will not be able to attend the final concert?
For sure!

Aleix Cabrera Curto | 20/02/20 13:29

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