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Hi everyone!

In 2007 Nuria Serrano and me we created La Biothèque, a non profit organisation whose aim is to spread science in a creative way to broad audiences. La Biothèque is mainly based in Madrid and specially active during the Madrid Science Week in collaboration with the Madrid City Council. We are currently looking for highly enthusiastic people to continue the project communicating scientific knowledge here in Barcelona and specially helping to organise our annual Young Researchers event called “Joves Cientifics” in collaboration with PRBB communication department, that will take place in October-November 2017.

Personally my experience has been great, I enjoyed a lot the interaction with other young scientists and gained a lot of experience in public speaking. Scientific communication is not only important to let people learn new things and feed their curiosity, but also to make them aware about the importance of scientific research investment.

Although I will be still part of the team, I will be abroad and I need people taking over my role (pasar el testigo) here in Barcelona. Everything is based in volunteer work, but the duties are not complicated! So, if you enjoy to communicate science and you are willing to join our team, please let me know! (


May the Science be with you!

Sergio Espeso-Gil
On behalf of La Biothèque Divulgación

Sergio Espeso Gil | 08/03/17 11:43

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